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Braenworks Academy helps founders en freelancers build sustainable, talent-based businesses

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An Academy Program like none other
Everything you need to scale the impact of your work and ideas. But you have to believe it before you can see it. Our alumni were activated beyond what they knew they were capable of. So will you.
There is NO standard
Whatever people have been telling you, there's no real benchmark for what you do. You'll have to discover your own standards first. learn how to set your own conditions and optimize the value of your work.
The world is a big place, why think small? 
There are 7 billion potential fans of your work on planet earth. Let's not get lost in the couple of million who don't seem to recognize the value of your work. Connect with like-minded souls from all over the world.
Michelle Tedde

"There's a life-changing effect that happens in Braenworks. It propels you for years after.

Michelle Tedde
Founder Studio Innsaei

What is included?

Enrolling in the Academy will bring you:

  • A unique 3-month deep learning program
  • Guaranteed mind-blowing moments
  • The experience of using ChatGPT as a business model engine
  • 3 Hybrid Learning modules (Power, Vision, Value)
  • 12 weekly sessions
  • A deep understanding the psychology of the creative industry
  • Practical ways to make the industry work for you
  • Insights into how to set healthy business and personal boundaries
  • Insights into how to scale and monetize your individual creativity
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We've been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of inspired creative and social founders and freelancers from all over the world. Feel free to reach out to us and ask to be put in contact with some of our members and alumni. Here are some more ways for you to get a better sense of what the Cre8tive Revolution offers people like you;  

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Book your personal Diamond Goal Session
  • Unique 3 month deep learning program
  • Guaranteed to blow-your-mind
  • Based on 7 years creative capital research
  • 3 Hybrid Learning modules (Power, Vision, Value) 
  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Understanding the psychology of creative industry
  • Learning how to make the industry work for you
  • Learning to set healthy business and personal boundaries
  • Learning to scale and monetize your personal creativity

Note: This program is not for everyone / Strict admittance rules apply / Registration fee: € 50 (incl tax) / Subsidies may be applicable

OR 375/M (Excl. VAT) *all prices are ex VAT
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